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Payroll Full Service

from 149.95

Now Starting at $149.95/month + $250 one time setup fee

The Payroll Standalone Full Service Package Includes:

  • Full service payroll processing for 5 employees/contractors--you provide us with your employees and contractors hours and/or salary amounts each pay period (via your Online Payroll Portal), and we do the rest for you.
  • Dedicated Secure Online Payroll Portal (for clients who do NOT use or need QuickBooks Online but just need Payroll Portal & Service)
  • Payroll processing service (bi-weekly) for up to 5 employees or contractors (direct deposit). 
  • Payroll tax form filing (1 state & federal) for 5 employees or contractors. For multi-state filing, please contact us.
  • Payroll tax payment service (1 state & federal). Multi-state is additional fee. Please contact us.
  • Calculates & withholds all required payroll taxes (FICA, FUTA, SUTA/SUI, SS, Medicare, etc.)
  • W-2 e-filing service with IRS after end of year (for employees)
  • Direct deposit to your employees/contractors (done by us)
  • Online paystub/paycheck access for your employees/contractors via secure login
  • Paper check printing (must be done by you)
  • Email & phone support
  • Easy access & specials rates for pay-as-you-go workers compensation insurance

Custom Add-On Services (Add $50/month per Add-On):

  • Additional payroll processing for 5 employees/contractors (each block of 5).
  • 1099 e-file service with IRS after end of year (block of 5 per add-on).
  • Integrated online employee or contractor time-tracking (5 employees) which eliminates need to enter hours into payroll system. (More than 10, please contact us).

The service will support up to 150 employees or contractors. If you have more than 20 employees/contractors, please contact us for discounted volume rates.

Custom Add-Ons:
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Our Payroll Standalone Full Service Package is just that: full-service. You just have to input your employees and/or contractors hours into your dedicated Online Payroll Portal, and we do the rest*. You even have the option to add the integrated Time-Tracking service which allows your employees & contractors to enter their own time worked each pay period into the Portal (additional $50/month per 5 employees/contractors).

We will setup your payroll file and process your payroll on a bi-weekly basis, file your payroll tax forms (1 state and federal), and make your payroll tax payments as required by the IRS and your state. You will always have access to your Online Portal 24 hours a day to view in real time your payroll data for your business.

This package includes end of year W-2 form e-file with the IRS/SSA. An optional add on for an additional $50/month is the 1099 e-file service for contractors.

This is the perfect package for busy business owners who don't have the time to deal with the burdensome requirements of payroll taxes, forms, check stubs, withholdings, and trying to scribble out how much you owe to your employees and contractors. Let us handle it for you!

*Note that if you pay contractors or employees by paper check, the checks MUST be printed and distributed by you via your Online Portal and distributed by you to your contractors or employees. We will do direct deposit for you, however.

The service will support up to 150 employees or contractors. If you have more than 20 employees/contractors, please contact us for discounted volume rates.