A/P + A/R Full Service

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A/P + A/R Full Service

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Now Starting at $349.95/month

The Accounts Payable + Receivable Full Service Package Includes:

  • Full service accounts receivable (invoices & payments) service to all your customers-includes 20 invoices/payments processed per month.

  • Full service accounts payable (bills & payments) service to all your vendors & payees- includes 20 bills processed per month

  • Your dedicated online secure portal that gives you ability to access/review/approve/deny your bills, invoices and payments received, from a computer, tablet, or smart phone

  • 1 user account (approver)

  • Payments made via ACH to your bank account

  • Email/chat/phone support

Custom Add-On Services (Add $50/month per Add-On):

  • Additional 10 invoices sent and payments received per month (each block of 10)

  • Additional 10 bills entered and paid each month (each block of 10)

  • 10 paper invoices mailed to your customers per month

  • 15 paper checks mailed to your vendors per month

  • Additional 2 user accounts (can be approver, reviewer, etc.)

  • Have more than 100 bills and/or invoices to send and be paid per month? Contact us for volume rates.

  • We do offer credit card processing. Please contact us as rates vary based on industry and credit scores.

Custom Add-Ons:
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If you are looking to fully offload your business's bill processing, payments, invoicing, and getting paid by your customers, our Accounts Payable + Accounts Receivable Full Service Package is for you! We process 20 bills per month and also process 20 invoices/payments per month via your dedicated Secure Online A/R + A/P Portal. You can add additional invoices & bills in blocks of 10 for $50/each block per month.

No need to send paper invoices to your customers anymore...our system is all cloud-based and will leverage efficiency and technology to save you time, money, and headaches! Your bills will be managed and processed via the dedicated Online Portal using bank level encryption. You have the option to be the approver or to assign a staff person to be the approver, all via your computer, tablet, or smart phone!

This service will fully replace your in-house bill payments process, but still give you the control of what money actually leaves your bank account. The fraud risk is virtually eliminated with our service because NOBODY will have access to your bank account information except for you. This protects you.

The Secure Online Portal is also used to send invoices to your customers electronically, and then allows them to pay you online via ACH payments. No need to wait on checks to arrive in the mail.

We can add paper check/invoice service if you desire, for an additional fee, typically $50/month per 10 checks or invoices mailed. You also can add-on additional user accounts to your Online Portal if you need additional staff to be reviewers and/or approvers of bills. This fee is an additional $50/month for 2 more user accounts.

Again, you can add 10 more bills/payments or 10 more invoices/payments for $50/month for each block of 10. For more than 100 invoices or bills per month, please contact us for a custom quote.

We offer credit card processing if you would like to allow your customers to pay you even faster. These rates vary based on industry and your credit score. Please contact us for more details.